Dear Wine Lovers,

I wanted in Chablis for you a place dedicated to welcome you : Wines, Cellars, Gastronomical Specialities shop, Hotel & Restaurants... in order to fully satisfy your visit.

Chablis, capital of the world of the dry white wine is also wonderfuly placed between Paris and Lyon but also in a center of an extraordinary historical patrimony.
Chablis, it is also a beautiful village in the middle of little hills where the slowly river "Serein" falls.

Chablis is in the center even of a cultural, architectural and historical inheritance . Its exceptional geographical position allows you escapes in our department and to visit exceptional sites.

From Chablis, become a globetrotter with going to the cistercian Abbay of Pontigny at 12 km
The medieval Village of Noyers at 24 km
The wonderfull castels of Tanlay at24 km, Ancy le franc at34 km, Saint Fargeau at 64 km
THe eternal hill of Vézelay at49 km, spotlight of the road to compostelle.

Don't forget our old cities :
Auxerre at 18 km, with his old districts and all his church, abbay and cathedrals witch strong hédrale dont les buidings testify about the history of this great city, one of the first of the french christianism.
Tonnerre at16 km with his "Fosse Dionne" (one of the most mysterious source of water in france !!!), the hous eof the sa maison du knight of Eon and his old roads.
The old Avallon at40 km and its solids ramparts with the doors of the natural reserve of Morvan.

Come live the pleasures of wines and gastronomy in Chablis and apprecite the welcoming, our culture and patrimony.

Be welcome for oenotourism, I am waiting for you.

Your winemaker.
Daniel-Etienne DEFAIX

My adresses to welcome you :

Cave Le Monde du Vin
Domaine du Vieux Château - Daniel-Etienne DEFAIX
14 Rue Auxerroise – BP 50 – 89800 CHABLIS
Tél : 03 86 42 14 44 - Fax : 03 86 42 14 44 -
website :

My cellar is open from 1st of February to 31st of December, 7 days a week, from 10:00 am to 6:00pm. You will find inside all my wines at the direct price :
Chablis Vieilles Vignes,
Chablis 1er Cru les Lys
Chablis 1er Cru Côte de Léchet
Chablis 1er Cru Vaillon
Chablis Grand Cru Blanchot
Chablis Grand Cru les Grenouilles.

ALso, you can find my range of cream, liquors and alcohol for cocktails :
Blackcurrant, blackberry, cherry, raspberry, bush peach, poppy, ginger, violet, pink, tangerine, fig, sweet chestnut, lemoncello, manzana verde, melon, ratafia of Burgundy, old marc of Burgundy and sloe berry of Burgundy….

Restaurant La Cuisine au Vin
16 Rue Auxerroise – BP 50 - 89800 CHABLIS
Tél : 03 86 18 98 52 - Fax : 03 86 18 98 52 -
website :

Cooking and wines are honored in this restaurant with oenotouristic concept in Chablis, instigated by the winemaker Daniel-Etienne DEFAIX. Products and receipts of Terroirs of Chablis (andouillettes with Chablis, marinated and cooked snails with Chablis, ham with Chablisienne method…) are appreciated and served by our team with a decontracted atmosphere.

The room mixes a wonderful place made of 7 roman cellars from 10th century with contemporary furnitures signed by the most famous designers of the 21st century.

From every time, Chablis wines wre linked with cooking and french roots. The great chefs used the wine as a base for receipt and its accords.
Curnonsky, Ali Bab, Escoffier, Gouffé, Alexandre Dumas … have praised the wine and honord it in their most delicate, fines and tasty preparations.

Great mineral and intrinsic qualities of Chablis make a wine of predilection of it to make great kitchen and well on accompanying it. This completely exceptional minerality is recognized like a world model, its frame brings structure to sauces.

The promptness of Chablis without never being aggressive balance the sauces or can cook certain mets and well on thawing considerable preparations.

The smoothness of Chablis is exhaustive flavours and will bring this delicate lightness which transforms you a dish or a sauce into a silky caress for the palate.

No the table without Chief! Even if a restaurant-bar with wines works of good products of soils, the chief must be Great for choosing a product at good season well and transforming it with a single aim of giving pleasure.

No tables without vine growers! The vine grower must do everything so that his wine once again serf only to give happiness by his delicate smoothness for one or by his stoutness and his matter for others.

La cuisine au Vin, it is thus a concept where the wine, Chablis is with the honor, testimony of our history, defender of our culture of our education and our knowledge food, and well on certain idea of happiness to divide.

a Boutique de La Cuisine au Vin
Tél : 03 86 18 98 52 - Fax : 03 86 18 98 52 -

A shop of gastronomical specialities cooked with the Chablis wine..

* * NEWS * *

New products arrive in the shop of our restaurant “La Cuisine au Vin”

Snails of Burgundy.
Cooked with the aaa old vines and presented in their shells with the stuffing receipt grandmother, all in smoothness, the Chablis softens the sourness of garlic. This dish impossible to circumvent of Burgundy is a perfume of childhood. (In plate of 12 or the small boat of 24 and 48)

Andouillettes from Chablis with Chablis.
Secular receipt (Mrs Gourmen of the house Gourmen, initiator of this tradition of Chablis) perfectly degreased and spiced with our spices specific, drawn with the string as in the tradition and especially of rare andouillettes marinated and cooked with the Chablis old vineyards. A must in the world of andouillette. The Chablis confers a great digestibility to him, certain gastronomes will even say they that it would have more civilitudes….it do not remain about it less than one large smoothness, and can be to taste cold in fine section on a toast covered with a tear of our mustard or poêlée with a sauce made with a reduction of Chablis assembled to the cream in boiling and thawed with our mustard.

Fine Moustard with Chablis (In Fait : extra strong !)
With 16% of Chablis, which is very rare expressed as a percentage, this mustard is all the more rare when one knows that 95% of the mustards made in France are made with Canadian seeds, ours is ridge with seeds of Burgundy and with the devil avarice! Ground to the grinding stone of Pierre as in the tradition. This strong extra Mustard typically has dice its launching conquered the largest amateurs of this burgound condiment.

Hôtel - Restaurant Aux Lys de Chablis
38 Route d'Auxerre - 89800 CHABLIS
Tél : 03 86 42 49 20 - Fax : 03 86 42 80 04 -
website :

The largest hotel of aaa with 38 rooms with the door of entry of the old city, entirely renovated and equipped with a roomy carpark. Modern rooms to the new standards 2* await you there for a very good quality ratio/price. A whole local infrastructure for the restoration or the seminars is at your disposal.

Apart from the opening hours of our vault of Chablis, you will be able to find my wines of Chablis to the through tariff property with the reception of the Hotel Aux Lys de Chablis. A restaurant of traditional kitchen and soil accomodate you from now on every evening from 6 p.m. up to 22 h. All the specialities of Chablis await you there: Snails of Burgundy to the Chablis, Eggs in meurette, Andouillettes of Chablis, nets of pole or pike perch butters white with the Chablis….