La Boutique de La Cuisine au Vin
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A shop of gastronomical specialities cooked with the Chablis wine..

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New products arrive in the shop of our restaurant “La Cuisine au Vin”

Snails of Burgundy.
Cooked with the aaa old vines and presented in their shells with the stuffing receipt grandmother, all in smoothness, the Chablis softens the sourness of garlic. This dish impossible to circumvent of Burgundy is a perfume of childhood. (In plate of 12 or the small boat of 24 and 48)

Andouillettes from Chablis with Chablis.
Secular receipt (Mrs Gourmen of the house Gourmen, initiator of this tradition of Chablis) perfectly degreased and spiced with our spices specific, drawn with the string as in the tradition and especially of rare andouillettes marinated and cooked with the Chablis old vineyards. A must in the world of andouillette. The Chablis confers a great digestibility to him, certain gastronomes will even say they that it would have more civilitudes….it do not remain about it less than one large smoothness, and can be to taste cold in fine section on a toast covered with a tear of our mustard or poêlée with a sauce made with a reduction of Chablis assembled to the cream in boiling and thawed with our mustard.

Fine Moustard with Chablis (In Fait : extra strong !)
With 16% of Chablis, which is very rare expressed as a percentage, this mustard is all the more rare when one knows that 95% of the mustards made in France are made with Canadian seeds, ours is ridge with seeds of Burgundy and with the devil avarice! Ground to the grinding stone of Pierre as in the tradition. This strong extra Mustard typically has dice its launching conquered the largest amateurs of this burgound condiment.